Dealerships are operating in an increasingly complex regulatory environment.  Each new federal and state regulation evolution impacting the dealership imparts an obligation on the part of the dealer principal to comply.   A missed step can be costly.

In addition, there is a corresponding obligation for the dealership’s compliance officer to implement an effective compliance and ethics program, conduct the oversight, and satisfy the requisites mandated by that obligation.

The mission of the Association of Dealership Compliance Officers is to provide the dealership’s compliance officer with the educational opportunities and resources to build and maintain an effective dealership compliance and ethics program.

Thank you to all the attendees and speakers at the inaugural ADCO Seminar and Certification held in Dallas, Texas, March 24-27, 2019.

Thanks again for the conference.  I go to a number of events every year… and I have to tell you that the ADCO event was the most useful and informative of all of them… came away with lots of good information.”

Congratulations to the Inaugural

Dealership Compliance Officer Professionals!

Anna McMillian
The Milby Group


Clayton Crittenden
Finance Director
Haselwood Auto Group  


David Buck
Victory Auto Group


Melanie Cliff
Scali Rasmussen


Michael Moore
Executive Manager
The Krumland Auto Group

Rob Walker
Compliance and Safety Officer
Haselwood Auto Group


Steven Krieser
Director of Compliance
ECP Incorporated


Vanessa Mata
Compliance Director
Tricolor Auto Group


Meagan Dunton
Compliance Director
Anderson Auto Group


Ralph Todd
Director of Finance & Compliance Training
Performance Automotive Network

Jim Cochran
Compliance Director
Hendrick Auto Group


Judy Vann-Karstadt
JV Solutions


Michele Joo
McKenna BMW


Debra Parent
Human Resources
South Bay BMW


Steve Krieser, MPFS, DCOP
Director of Compliance
Entire Car Protection (ECP)

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