COLLEYVILLE, Texas – The Association of Dealership Compliance Officers (ADCO) announced today that JC Cramer, Compliance Director for the Feldman Automotive Group, including Mark Wahlberg Chevrolet and Feldman Collision Centers has been appointed Advisory Board Chairman for the association. In addition to her duties at Feldman Automotive Group, JC will serve as an ambassador for ADCO to build connections with industry leaders, corporate partners and subject matter expects.

The Advisory Board represents the ADCO members and is tasked to promote a line of communication for members to express concerns, provide feedback and share experiences in order to have a real-time understanding of compliance issues in the industry – including updated regulations, potential issues, suggested resource tools and best practice solutions to address the compliance officer needs.

As the Compliance Director for The Feldman Automotive Group, JC provides regulatory guidance across seven manufacture brands; located in eight cities, spanning two states and encompassing ten rooftops. JC started from scratch creating, writing, and implementing a full compliance platform comprised of standards and safeguards for The Feldman Automotive Group and Mark Wahlberg Chevrolet. With documented success, JC has brought the Feldman Automotive Group toward their goal of 100% compliance for fixed and variable operations.

JC has been recognized for speaking at the Inaugural Compliance Summit 2014 and has trained with top compliance professionals in today’s industry. JC takes pride in her “under fire” training and is always learning and striving to be the best. Other areas of focus include, but are not limited to, Risk Management, Legal Coordinating, BBB, Attorney General, State and Federal concerns, as well as all vehicle insurance issues and transactions.

“I look forward to providing the best care and quality to each team member while protecting our leadership to the best of my ability. Regulations, policies and procedures help keep order and provide a safety net for all parties involved, whether that party be of the dealer community or a consumer,” stated JC.

JC will complete her Dealership Compliance Officer Professional certification while attending the Association of Dealership Compliance Officers Seminar and Certification event in October, 2019, in Chantilly, VA.